Taijigong in Singapore with Master Pern Yiau

photo by Michael Toh

Taijigong Singapore – Sim Pern Yiau branch

Senior Master Sim Pern Yiau (7 Dan) has been teaching Taijigong professionally since July 2004, first as assistant and later as Master teacher (since 2009).

Under the guidances of the various seniors and Grandmasters of the lineage, as well as constant input from his team of dedicated instructors and disciples,  Master Pern Yiau has evolved a system that is easy and effective for the beginner, and content-rich for the serious practitioner. The strengths of our branch include:

  1. Effective in English and Chinese
  2. Ability to impart traditional qigong with modern teaching
  3. Ability to explain difficult or abstract qi-concepts
  4. Systematic, step-by-step guidance

The current teaching team under Shifu Pern Yiau:

Karen Jordan Heng (5th Dan Junior Master)

Doris Cen Hai Shan (5th Dan Junior Master)

Our regular classes are currently conducted in the wonderful environs of the Singapore Sports Hub at Kallang. We also give private classes at other locations, on request.

For group classes there are 3 options.

Option 1: Every Tuesday night except public holidays.
This is for people who wish to learn Taijiquan movements and principles. The Taijiquan is divided into 6 parts. 1st part introduces the basic patterns and operating principles. With good foundation in part 1 it will become easier to pick up the rest. This will also enable you to enter intermediate as well as advanced Taijiquan later on.
It usually takes two to three months to learn part 1.

Option 2: Every Wednesday night.
Holistic Yang Shen Gong and Taiji qigong practice.
In this Wed practice there will be no Taijiquan movements. This is for people who do not wish to deal with complicated movement and mainly wants a set of Holistic Qigong with weekly guided practice. There will be deepening of qigong content over time.
Also for you if you wish to learn the basic Holistic Yang Shen Gong before taking up Tajjiquan.

Option 3:
You can choose to come both nights.

Venue: Gate 22 National Stadium.
Tue 7.30pm to 9.30pm (except Public Holidays)
Wed 7.30pm to 9pm

Welcome to take a look or try-out! Email taijigong@gmail.com to make sure we are there before you pop in.

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