Holistic Counselling and Healing

photo by Sim Pern Yiau

The Body is a manifestation of our self. Although our true nature is no-self, most of us live with a sense of self. The body expresses this sense.

So health or illness are actually happy or unhappy expressions of something in our psyche. It could be emotions, thought behaviours or life issues. The more we ignore the mental roots, or misunderstand our own actions, thoughts and mental habits, which causes issues to ourselves, the more the body manifests these issues as conditions or ailments.

Each body channel, organ, system or structure manifests a part of our sense of our personhood. Understanding the meaning of the body part, body location or system is helpful.

To help ourselves and get to the roots of our ailments, then, is to understand what a particular health problem is saying about something on our minds, heart or in our lives. When we dig deeper, we might start to explore our Needs, Wants, Identity, Drives and other aspects of our Personhood.

This is not psychoanalysis, though.

One way to understand ourselves is to consciously gather more data and then analyze our problems and ourselves.

There is another very good way. Which is to trust that we already, deep within, know what needs to be known. We already have the self-knowledge and the answers. If only we would deeply listen. So the first thing is to have an attitude – I would like to know what is causing the problem. I would like to see myself clearer. I want to hear what I am manifesting through my bodily issues.

This is possible because of what i call The Inner Expression. That our body and everything about it is an inner expression of our deep self.

With this attitude doors start to open.  Information starts to appear which helps us to understand better what is going on in the body, and to move in the right direction forward.

The analytical method and the intuitive-insight method, when combined, can be really powerful in healing.

Energy Manifestations

Other than the physical body, we have an energy body. Just like the physical one, the energy body can be approached as parts, channels, systems and structures which form a whole.

Our psyche affects our energy body which then directly affects the physical body.

We can therefore also heal diseases or ailments by using qi-healing on the affected part of the energy body.

Holistic counselling combined with qi-healing can often be very powerful approaches to addressing physical health conditions.

My work is to guide you in this process.

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