The Inner Expression

photo by Low Kah Wei


Our physical body. Is the physical house for the person.Our mental body. The mental house of the person. A construct.Our energy body. Interconnected energy pathways. Fields and spheres of influence.These 2 form the personal energy body.
Aspects, organs and systems of the body expresses or manifests our personhood- needs, wants, traits, thoughts and emotions, drives, patterns. Is a collection of physical tools for our experiences in life and for achieving our goals.Carries our perspectives or concepts about ourselves, about life and about living. These perspectives or concepts are what drives the various expressions through the body.Is the bridge between the mental and physical bodies.Is the capacity, the enabler, that lets the body fulfil the mind’s directions.
Healing this is mostly healing symptoms. But when symptoms are critical or urgent they have to be addressed. Most effective if combined with healing at the Mind level.Healing at this site is going for the root causes. Might be most difficult for most of us but results are greater and more sustainable.Healing this can be very effective but success not always sustainable because root causes not cut.