The Outer Expression

photo by Sim Pern Yiau

My world is the manifestation of my personhood.

The external environment as experienced by me is an expression of my inner experience.

When we look deeply we can see that there is no inner or outer. It is a spectrum, a continuum or just a movement through different locations.

On the Inner Expression page you see the “self” as formed by 3 large aspects of Mind, Qi, and Body.

Correspondingly, when we manifest parts of our inner experience or personhood as our world, these outer experiences could be expressing something about our body, our mind or our qi.

They are not totally separate, but there will be main and sub aspects.

Many holistic, old cultures talk of Heaven – Earth – Human. 天地人。

You can see the relationship of the 3 in a few ways.

天→地→人。Linear direction from Heaven to Earth to Human.

天↔︎人↔︎地。The human as the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The most complete relationship is expressed in the following diagram:

Heaven and Earth are the how the holistic, ancient people talk about our environment – and the symbiotic relationship we have with it.

Heaven can be the universe, or the world or the greater natural laws that we live under. Or our worldviews and deep beliefs.

Earth refers more to our immediate environment, the smaller societies or circles that we operate in.

The relationship between a group of people / an individual to their Heaven or Earth is that they are manifestations of each other. Micro manifesting Macro and vice-versa.

We can also see the micro and macro as just parts of an even larger whole. Such that Heaven-Earth-Human is actually an organic whole. More than the sum of its parts.

This holistic perspective allows us to see deeper into the external environment and situations that we find ourselves in. That they are not wholly or objectively separate from what is going on inside our hearts and minds.