Taijigong Contents

photo by Sim Pern Yiau

Our Contents and General Sequence of Learning:

Holistic Yang Sheng Gong (HYSG)

(Every Wednesday evening for group classes)

Understanding the Holistic Approach to our Health: The Body as manifestation of our Person

-The basic meaning of our internal organs to our Personhood.

-Deep relaxation exercise

-12 Meridians energy flow

-Mingmen energy centre exercise

– Foundational body, mind and qi coordination exercise

Taijiquan + HYSG deepening

(Every Tuesday evening for group classes)

The traditional Taijiquan 108 movements are divided into 6 sections. 

We use the first section to teach you the foundation principles of Taiji quan. Alignment, good postures, centering, and balance, coordination, qi-flow.

(3 to 6 months depending on learning pace)

With good foundation from the first section it only takes a few months to learn the rest of the 108 form. However, in-depth Taiji practice is not merely about the form, but of deep Yin-yang and Qi principles. We call these the 39 Principles. They are gradually and systematically introduced over the weeks and months that you learn the form. The full 39 is a rich body of learning and will take many years of happy practice to be fully acquired. 

Our Taiji practice passes through 4 large stages of energy techniques. Stance to Jing to Qi to Hua. That is Form Energy to Intermediate Energy to Refined Energy to Transcendental Energy(式,劲,气,化).

The 39 principles guide us through these stages.

At the same time, the journey of understanding our body, mind and energy connections continues to with deepening Holistic Yang Sheng Gong.

Eventually, aspects of the HYSG will be incorporated into the Taijiquan to enhance it’s health benefits.

All these will be under the guidance of Senior Master Pern Yiau and his master-level disciples.

Further Practice: Taiji Sword and Taiji Sabre

The Sword and the Sabre represents the Yang and the Yin of the weapon forms.

They also heighten certain characteristics that give us more physical benefits. For example, their extension from our bodies guides us to send energy out from our bodies and receive energy back from the environment. They also help us to focus our energies in space, and to shape them. The combined effect is to build up a vast and flexible qi-field.

They help us practice the 39 principles in different settings.


Students who practice regularly and who are interested in the deepest and most complete knowledge of Taijigong may apply to be accepted as a disciple and enter our lineage under Shifu Pern Yiau (Singapore). Disciples are taught advanced Gongs (energy training) and Tuishou (understanding changes through defence play).

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