Advanced Qi-Healing

photo by Low Kah Wei

Qi,~energy~ flows through all things and is present everywhere. We can tap into the qi of the universe and channel it for healing. Every one has this innate skill. We can heal both ourselves and others.

There are a few levels of qi-healing. Some people heal and find themselves depleted. Some healers find themselves getting unwell after they heal others (taking on ‘bad’ energy of the healee’s illness).

Some people can only heal light problems like sprains, and believe they can’t heal serious diseases such as cancer. While we should never claim outright that we can cure anyone of anything (even medical doctors can’t claim that in honesty), there is enough experience to show that qi-healing can make a difference in many serious ailments.

My qi-healing approach addresses the above important issues. I call it the Advanced Not-I Qi-Healing. If we can let go of our willfulness or ego in healing, yet maintain our compassionate wish to heal, the results can often be surprising.

To learn this healing from me, you will first take a basic level Holistic Yang Sheng Gong Course:

-How to activate qi flow.

-How to wield qi flow.

-How to replenish qi.

Then you will learn to unlock the Advanced Not-I Qi-Healing:

-Tapping into the Universe’s qi (You can’t lose it if it is not yours)

-Letting go of the wilful mind (not dictating the qi)

-Sensing qi-dosage (how long to heal)

-Remote Healing (healing for someone in another location)

Email if you would like to learn Holistic Yang Sheng Gong and Advanced Qi-healing.