About Master Pern Yiau

photo by Low Kah Wei

I am a Holistic Health Researcher and Teacher. I am a healer and i also teach people to heal themselves. Sometimes i work as a coach too, using Holistic Principles to help people resolve issues or unlock their potentials.

I am Master level lineage-disciple of traditional Taijigong as passed down via Grandmaster Wu Tu Nan. I have been practicing Taijigong since 2001.

I train Taijigong in all its traditional aspects – philosophy, health, energy practice and self-defence.

In the physical transformation of the body, Taijigong is unparalleled in my extensive experience. It has also given me great tools to heal some of my physical ailments and given me strength, fitness and physical sensitivity.

However, there have been long term ailments that my Taiji mastery did not cure, or even affect in any significant way. When i look at the dedicated hours i have put in, it is obvious there are limits to the health benefits of Taijigong.

The limitations became more obvious when i look at serious illness. There were those who had cancer or liver failures even with high-level Taiji or Qigong.

I also observe that Madam Liu Guizhen, wife of the Master Wu Tu Nan, outlived her husband by 6 years, passing on at age 111. And as far as i know, she was never as passionate as Master Wu in Taijigong, and trained mostly casually and did not aim for high-level mastery. Granted Grandmaster Wu’s passing away at 105 was nothing to scoff and is testament to his practice, but it did lead me to take a closer look at the true reasons behind a person’s health, well-being and longevity. I have since come to the conclusion that the mental well-being of a person is the single most important factor. I believe that more than the technical practice of Taijigong, it was the mentality of the two late greats, their self-knowledge and their healthy attitudes towards life and living – in the face of a hundred years of Chinese turbulence, no less – that made the difference.

The universe – or maybe our deep inner selves – has answers when we trust our questions. It first starts with a positive and humble attitude: I would like to know deeper, i would like to know more. With that, books started to come my way – books that knew my inner questions and that unlocked new areas of knowledge for me. People started appearing in my life just to point out these books or resources or directions.

These books and their authors – my teachers across time and space – are helping me fill in the gaps of Taijigong and TCM. Part of the knowledge is linked to the energy Chakras knowledge from ancient India. Even modern anatomy plays its part too. No single culture can say they have the whole picture, in my humble opinion. Ultimately, it is Holistic.

There are also gaps that i have to fill in myself. That is part of every learner’s journey – to know that the knowledge is bigger than oneself and at the same time to find personal connection and “ownership” over it.